About Me:


Hello, I am a multi-disciplined professional with deep and rich experience in learning and development, instructional design, performance management, and measuring ROI for learning initiatives. , I have built a successful career around my ability to assess, direct and anticipate needs, identify unique alternatives, and develop and implement long-term solutions.

In my diverse professional roles, I have applied my combination of technical instructional background and relationship-building to grow and establish a wide variety of multi-disciplined coursework, grant implementation, program development and instructional products and services by addressing growing needs and expansion of both institutions offerings for local and global learners, and workforce development.

From my extensive travels overseas and across this country I have developed an appreciation as well as a very strong desire to interact with and experience individuals of all abilities, cultures and educational levels.  This interest along with my work background has allowed me a greater understanding of the relationship between educational endeavors, business ventures and interpersonal communication, which have enabled me to obtain an awareness of the practical applications within a work setting.  This understanding provides me with an advantage in relating the ideas being explored by the individuals, staff and the community

I would more than welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in detail.  Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.